QK-G021 GSM remote tank level monitoring & pump control application



It has always been a challenge  to remotely monitor the liquid levels of a tank. This unit rises to that challenge by monitoring levels and also adjusting them by remotely actuating the intake and outflow valves. The QK-G021 provides a perfect remote tank monitor and control system. The system continuously monitors levels to ensure reliable ongoing operation and instantly triggers the valves should the liquid levels exceed the preset limits.  It simultaneously  sends an alert SMS to the operators  to alert them when this occurs.


• Automatically switches on/off when liquid levels breach preset limits.
• Supports remote manual on/off switching.
• Sends an SMS when alarm has been triggered.
• Three independent ‘interrupt’ relay outputs. One dedicated to tank filling operations, the remaining two can be assigned to door or gate operation, cctv systems, warning sirens, or air conditioning etc..

QK-G021 remote controller in automotive applications



QK-G021G GSM remote controller is an automotive class module which has an built-in GPS receiver. Using the latest GSM communications technology QK-G021G offers operators the opportunity to check the position/speed of vehicles remotely. It also allows operators to activate/de-activate the central door locking, as well as other components on the vehicle, like engineer motors.


• Doors can be activated/locked from anywhere on the planet.
• Switch the engine on/off and immobilize remotely by SMS.
• Track routes and locations of vehicles and display them on google maps.
• Sends SMS message when alarm has been triggered.

QK-G021 provides remote control solution for AC motors

QK-G021 support remote control on AC motors


AC motors are widely used and a vital controlling device in the field of industrial automation. Most manufacturing industries, continuous production units, chemical industries, textile mills, agricultural devices, pharmaceutical industries are now equipped with various AC motors.  The QK-G021 is a core unit to provide a motor control solution allowing for the operation of the AC motor either manually, remotely or automatically.
The QK-G021 has three independent relays, two with timers which can be set for on/off time. Two digital alarm inputs can be connected with various sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, weight, humidity, ingredients, position, light levels, etc. Relays will take action and send out an alarm message (SMS) when the sensors are triggered. Up to 4 authorized operators can control and monitor the AC motor working conditions remotely.

Quark-elec wireless marine AIS receiver released(QK-A023)

QK-A023 AIS Wireless Receiver Work System

QK-A023 is a single channel marine AIS receiver, designed to be installed in a protected indoor environment for the small commercial, leisure, fishing boat and vessel monitoring markets in order to listen to other vessel’s AIS information. Patent protected Auto-hop Channel Algorithm(ACA) improves 4% of captured message rate. With embedded WiFi module, QK-A023 can send NMEA0183 data to nearby mobile devices wirelessly. The latter can be a smartphone, tablet , iPhone or iPad. More details can be found:


Dual Channel Marine AIS receiver released (QK-A022)

QK-A022 is a low cost marine AIS dual channel receiver that puts AIS technology within the reach of even those on a very limited budget.
QK-A022 Marine AIS dual channel receiver USB output

Two AIS receivers monitoring both AIS channels (161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz) and decoding both channels simultaneously

  • Sensitivity down to -107 dBm@30% PER
  • Up to 55 nautical miles receiving range
  • USB 2.0 powered (<26mA@ 5.0V)
  • 38400 bps baud serial over USB
  • Message output in industry NMEA-0183 format
  • Supports interworking with NMEA-0183 GPS receiver
  • SMA connector for a 50 Ohm VHF antenna
  • SMA to BNC coaxial adaptor included
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC systems
  • Plug & play connectivity with chart plotters and PCs

More details about Quark-elec Dual channel AIS receiver can be found:

Quark-elec QK-A022 AIS receiver


The QK-G025 application as gate/door opener

Quark-elec QK-G025 application for door/gate opener

Quark-elec QK-G025 application for door/gate opener

QK-G025 is ideal for domestic/industrial properties or farms where a mobile phone or local landline can be used to control access. It will allow up to 4 pre-programmed telephone numbers to power DC motor/actuator via a free call. This will signal the gate to open or close.
DC motor output can be set as Dead Man mode (action during dialing period) or Pulsed Time mode (action time set as a fixed period). The output can also be fixed polarity or alternating (polarity changed alternatively). This allows the motor to run in a fixed direction or to run forwards and in reverse. The limited switches can be connected with two alarm inputs so that the gate knows where to stop.


• Door/gate can be activated from anywhere in the world.
• Allows workmen and visitors in while owners are away.
• Only authorized users can activate the unit.
• Save money replacing expensive lost/stolen transmitter key fobs.
• No call costs incurred as the call gets rejected.

Quark-elec release a single AIS receiver dongle

A Marine AIS receiver doesn’t have to be expensive. With Quark-elec’s first AIS receive dongle, all you need to start tracking ships are a VHF antenna, a Windows, Mac, Linux or Android device, and a clear view of the sea.

This marine AIS receiver works great with OpenCPN, Ship Plotter and any other software that accepts serial data input. QK-A021 is also well suited for reporting local ship traffic to services like MarineTraffic.

QK-A021 marine AIS receiver dongle USB

This module will be available on our onlinemall and our dealers’ shop from Feb 2016.