The QK-A031 NMEA Multiplexer with SeaTalk ConverterQK-A031 NMEA Multiplexer with SeaTalk Converter

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The sophisticated NMEA and Seatalk multiplexer converts Seatalk to NMEA. The combined data stream can be accessed wirelessly (WiFi) or through the USB or NMEA ports

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Another Great Review for the QK-A031 Multiplexer

Test QK-A031 NMEA The multiplexer is of quality and its price is incomparable! Commissioning is easy without having to load the interface for PC or Mac operation. The wifi works very well and especially, it allows several addresses at the same time on all platforms, PC, Mac, IIOS, Andro, Linux …. The must is the […]

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QK-A031 Now Supports Station Mode

We always like to improve our products as we receive feedback from users so the new stock, available now, supports Station Mode: as well as Ad hoc Mode: This means you will be able to access the multiplexer remotely from anywhere on (or even off!) the vessel using a single AP or router, as well […]

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