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Another super review for QK-A026

A great review from Erkki on Tindie Very, very good all in one GPS + AIS receiver! Sept. 18, 2017 – QK-A026 Wireless AIS+GPS Receiver This little box contains all you can wish for, real dual channel AIS receiver, a really good GPS receiver, all sorts of connectivity, from old school RS232 to USB and WIFI ! […]

Another Great Review for the QK-A031 Multiplexer

Test QK-A031 NMEA The multiplexer is of quality and its price is incomparable! Commissioning is easy without having to load the interface for PC or Mac operation. The wifi works very well and especially, it allows several addresses at the same time on all platforms, PC, Mac, IIOS, Andro, Linux …. The must is the […]

Another cracking review for the QK-A021, this time from Spain!

A lovely review from Alfonso in Spain, see it in the original Spanish on our Tindie outlet      Hi. I do not speak English, so I’ll say it in Spanish, which is my language. I am delighted with AIS Receiver Google usb, it works perfectly, sometimes even without having connected the antenna. Shipping was […]

Another great Tindie Review see what Glen said about QK-A026

There is nothing like a good review to kick off the week and Glen Swanson of Denmark has written a cracking review of the QK-A026 that he bought from us through Tindie. https://www.tindie.com/products/Quarkelec/qk-a026-wireless-aisgps-receiver-/ You can see more details on the QK-A026 here on the blog and on our main website and buy it from our […]

New Review for QK-A021 from Netherlands

We’ve had lovely review from another happy customer in The Netherlands, it also features quite comprehensive instructions so if you read Dutch, check it out! The screen shots are easy to follow and in Chrome there is a ‘Translate this page button’which helps a lot. Nicely done and thank you Pino 🙂 The original post […]