Compare AIS and Multiplexer Setups

  • Which Ais receiver is right for my set up?
  • Which Gateways allow bi-directional NMEA 2000 to WiFi communication?
  • What is the best Marine multiplexer to view NMEA 0183 and SeaTalk data in my WiFi APPs?
  • How to send routes from Open CPN to my autopilot?
  • Which Marine multiplexers have bi-directional WiFi?


Comparing Marine Electronics can certainly be a time-consuming task…

You are essentially looking at a series of black boxes. And we are aware, that as our product range continues to grow, getting to grips with which box does what, can be a daunting prospect.

So for your convenience, you can now, browse a collection of diagrams, for our most popular marine products. This gives you a straight forward idea of their comparative connections and functionality.

Click here to view product diagrams.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can click on any device’s name or image to go to the corresponding product webpage. This will give you more information about the product.



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If you’re not sure which device you need, feel free to contact us with details of your wish list or setup and we’ll be happy to help.

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