Navionics APP now compatible with QUARK-ELEC AIS via WiFi.

‘Is the Navionics Boating APP compatible with Quark-elec WiFi AIS receivers?’

That’s the question we have been receiving since Navionics launched their AIS functionality last month.

Great news, Navionics have updated their APP, allowing for simpler compatibility to Quark-elec devices.

From the latest ‘Navionics Boating’ App version “Boating HD” for Android and “Boating”  for iOS , the new version allows users customise to customise the app configuration to match the one of your Quark-elec AIS devices.

Users must simply, update the app to the latest version. Then click on Menu > Connect Device > Add Device to customise the configuration.

‘How do I set up the Navionics Boating APP to receive AIS from Quark-elec’s WiFi AIS receivers?’

‘What is the easiest way to view AIS over WiFi?’

We asked our Tech team, and they replied,

1. Once you have installed the latest version of Navionics Boating, simply,

2. Scan for WiFi and connect to your Quark-elec device’s WiFi.
3. In your Navionics App, go to Menu>Connect Device > Add Device, and input the following details :
Protocol: TCP
IP address:
Port: 2000
(OF course, if you ever changed the IP address and Port number using the Quark-elec Configuration software, enter those new details instead.)

4. Click ‘save’ and the APP will automatically receive the AIS messages from your device. It’s as simple as that.

(These settings are the same in both the Android and Apple iOS versions of the ‘Navionics Boating’APP)


A note regarding testing Navionics’ WiFi connection: Some forum users have noted that if no marine data is being received by Navionics, it may display ‘Disconnected’ until AIS, GPS or other data is received (even if it is connected via WiFi). It is worth being aware of this, if testing a WiFi device with no inputs connected, as you may receive a false negative.

‘Which Quark-elec WiFi products are compatible with Navionics Boating’?’

That’s an easy one, they all are.

Our most popular wireless AIS receivers, converter and transponder are…


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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Happy Sailing,

The Quark-elec Team

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