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Using QK-G021 – A guest blog from Italy by A. Millozzi

It’s always great to see people all over the world finding novel uses for our products.  Here’s one from Italy from the Andrea Millozzi Tech blog.  It’s in Italian but if you hit the Google Translate button, it does a pretty good job. http://www.andreamillozzi.it/articolo/sim-antifurto-domotica-telecomando-sms-gsm-senza-scadenza SIM card for burglar alarm-domotics, GSM remote control to operate devices […]

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QK-W017 WiFi Remote Control Gateway – WiFi temperature/humidity data logger & remote controller

This week we have launched a new addition to our WiFi Remote Control Family. Have complete control over your environment even when you aren’t there by fitting the QK-W017 wherever temperature and humidity are critical issues. The base unit, or Gateway, communicates with up to 5 QK-S001 Sensor Units. These can monitor temperature, humidity or […]

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