IoT: GSM gate openers and beyond…

Internet of Things: the world of ‘connected’ devicesgsm gate opener

We’ve all seen remote controlled gates, garage doors or heaters.

Where from a distance (without getting out of the car, or even from the other side of the world) you can use your GSM gate opener to open your gate, use a WiFi sensor to control temperature or switch on the sprinklers in your greenhouse.

No need to throw out the baby with the bath water…

If you’ve decided you want (or need) to access your equipment remotely, no need to buy expensive ‘connected’ equipment.

There are a wide range of wireless monitors, multiplexers and controllers that can connect to your existing equipment.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your GSM or WiFi controller.

Did you know…

You can use GSM sensors to get a text message alarm in remote areas where there is no internet connection? And you can control equipment via GSM too.

Some Wireless sensors can automatically activate controls. For example a humidity sensor that activates a pump, a motion detector that activates a lock, a temperature sensors that activates a fan etc.

Some GSM and WiFi controllers can monitor and control more than 1 piece of equipment? So that you control not just a single gate, door or machine, but can control up to 4 different zones. Ideal (for example), if you need to control greenhouses, swimming pools or storage areas.

But which do you use & when?

First things first…

1. GSM or WiFi? Decide whether you want to use GSM (SMS) or WiFi (APP) remote monitoring and control.

  • GSM is more secure and reliable in remote areas.
  • WiFi allows for more data logging and handy Apps.


2. Do you want to monitor? Consider how many inputs you will be connecting (alarms, temperature and humidity sensors, motion detectors).

3. Do you want control? Consider how many machines or pieces of equipment you need to control and whether they are in one location or across several different zones.

4. The extra details. Do you want the device to:

  • keep a data log?
  • Be controllable by more than 1 user?
  • Link up sensors to controls with no need for manual control?

Now you have narrowed down the options,

Hopefully our guide below will help you chose the right product for you:

GSM Gate Opener & WiFi Sensors..

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