The QK-A021 AIS Receiver DongleQK-A021 AIS Receiver Dongle

Welcome to our articles and information on the A021 channel-hopping, receive-only USB dongle AIS receiver.

The QK-A021 AIS Receiver Dongle uses a patented algorithm to monitor both channels of AIS information alternately and then outputs them via USB.

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Latest field test of Patented Auto-hopping Algorithm

Latest field test of Patented Autohopping Algorithm   Quark-elec  AIS Receivers QK-A021 and A023 feature our Patented Auto-hopping algorithm. The facility to select operator set intervals  for auto-hopping is newly available and will be supported  in the  A021 V2.0 (to be released in Jan 2018) and the A023 (from Dec 2017). An integral part of inventing and developing sophisticated algorithms is the field testing […]

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