New Quick Start Guides

When our customers talk, we like to listen, so when a few people pointed out that our Application Notes (User Manuals) were a bit long, we saw it as an opportunity to create a much shorter version.  We all know what it’s like, you’ve bought something new and you’re excited and you just want to get out there and use it, the last thing you want is to read a book first!

So, allow me to introduce our Quick Start Guides – fresh off the press, we’ve managed to get all of the most important points into a few sides in a much clearer format.

We hope that they will be much easier to follow in the field, or on the sofa! You can find them here:

QK-A021  QK-A022  QK-A023  QK-A024  QK-A026  QK-A031

Photo credit D Olah on Unsplash

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