GSM Vessel Movement Alert



We are pleased to announce that QK-G022G now supports a position alert function through firmware upgrade.

As of December 2019, all new units contain this function.


With increasing demand on marine security and concerns about vessel theft, weather and other external factors, we have released new firmware to allow G022G users to receive automated positional movement Alerts, providing additional monitoring of boat’ unexpected movement.


The G022G uses a low tech GSM simcard to communicate with the user via SMS commands and responses.

It can be sent an SMS message at any time to check its current location, as well as other monitoring and remote control options.


Now, with the new function, users can receive Movement Alerts if their vessel moves outside a designated area.

A simple text code allows you to set:

  • the anchor point
  • The permitted distance from anchor point (radius of the safety zone)
  • The checking interval (in minutes), how often you will receive a SMS with updates once the boat moves beyond your permitted distance from your anchor point.


A SMS alert is triggered when the device moves a set distance from your set anchor point. 

The SMS alert message includes:

  • Current location (latitude,longitude) with a link to to Google maps.
  • Current speed

The alert SMS will continue to update you based on the frequency you have set, ie. every 1-60 minutes.

The Alert can be received on up to 4 mobile phones and you can cancel or reset this function at any time.


Of course the other G022G functions are still included, meaning 3 pieces of equipment can be remotely controlled

The Alert can also be used to set off 1 an audio alarm buzzer, horn, lights or other warning equipment.


When mooring the boat, boat owner can setup the current position as the base point and choose a radius in meters to setup the safety range. If the boat moves beyond this safety range, an alert message will be sent to the owner and 3 other mobile phones. The speed and the position (latitude, longitude) is included in the alert message, so users can quickly find the position through google maps. The speed is very important since it can be helpful to determine whether the cause of movement is theft or drift.

The movement alert can also be used to activate one of the Relay outputs. Simply connect an alarm, buzzer or light to Relay 3 and text the A034 the relevant SMS activation code to set this function.


Although this new function was originally designed for marine use, it can be used to monitor any equipment, including personal, agricultural or industrial vehicles.


View the QK-G022G 2G Remote Controller with GPS locator:

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