QK-AS15 Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector


Quark-elec are proud to introduce our new product, which has been launched in June, the QK-AS15 coaxial lightning surge protector.

Vessels at sea or river are vulnerable to lightning strikes. If the lightning strikes the antennas on the boat, lightning currents travel to the devices connected to these antennas. This can damage these devices and the whole navigation and communication system on the boat.

The QK-AS15 Lightning Surge Protector has been designed to ground the surge caused by lightning strikes on VHF/AIS/4G antennas. It reduces the voltage spikes and grounds the lightning current to the ground through the ground cable, thus protecting the VHF radio and AIS receivers, transponders or 4G router.

The coaxial construction of the AS15 assures excellent high frequency characteristics, wide-band, and low insert loss and VSWR. The built-in gas-charging surge arrestor element ensures a fast response time and good functioning even after multiple lightning strikes. A ground lug and the terminals on the lightning protector housing ensure quick and easy installation.

Please visit the QK-AS15 product page or download the product manual for more information about our product.

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