QK-R042: For when the mobile signal needs a boost

4G signal booster on boat

While mobile providers actively expand their coverage areas by adding more towers on land, water still presents a challenge for getting good mobile signal on a boat or marine vehicle. So, when you are on a boat or any other marine vehicle, mobile calls on boats could be unreliable, not to mention Internet connection on the board.

The R042 marine mobile signal booster is tailored to solve this problem for marine and caravan industries.  It can greatly improve mobile signal reception inside buildings, on a boat away from the shore or in a caravan in a remote area.

The R042 marine mobile signal booster was designed based on the latest wireless technology. It comes with an indoor and an outdoor antenna. The indoor antenna communicates with the cellular devices, e.g., mobile phones, tablets or cellular routers. The outdoor antenna communicates with the nearest cellular network towers.  The cellular signal received from the cellular towers is amplified and re-transmitted to the mobile devices, the signal from the mobile devices is amplified and re-transmitted to the cellular towers.

The R042 is compatible with most 2G / 3G / 4G networks (LTE 800, GSM 900, DSC 1800, WCDMA 2100 and LTE 2600 networks). With an outdoor high gain antenna, like our QK-AS13 (not included, can be purchased separately), boat owners can have a reliable cellular signal reception for up to 15 miles away from the shore.

The QK-R042’s installation is easy, it doesn’t require a complicated setup, it can be used out of the box after installation. Its built-in LCD screen displays the signal strength of the available LTE 800, GSM 900, DSC 1800, WCDMA 2100 and LTE 2600 networks.

Please visit the QK-R042 Marine Mobile Phone Signal Booster product page for more details about our product.

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