Our QK-A016 battery monitor is available now with a 500A shunt version(A016-500)

500A shunt

As boat owners install more electronic devices on board these days (e.g., navigation equipment, multimedia devices, microwave oven, security systems, TV, 4G/5G routers, etc.), battery monitors capable of measuring higher levels of electric current are in great demand. During the 2022 summer boating season we have received many enquiries from our customers regarding to a bigger shunt option for our battery monitor. To meet customers’ demands, from the middle of November 2022, our battery monitor can be purchased with either 100A or 500A version. The required variation can be selected from the dropdown list on the main product page. The QK-A016 battery monitor can be used for boats, motorhomes, caravans or other devices or applications where monitoring battery parameters is important.

The main features of our QK-A016 battery monitor are the following:

  • measures voltage, current and battery capacity
  • displays the remaining time and discharge rate
  • outputs battery information in NMEA 0183 format messages
  • suitable for most types of batteries
  • user programable alarm function

For more details regarding the QK-A016 battery monitor, please visit the QK-A016’s product page on our website.

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