QK-4WB Marine Antenna 4-way Mount

£16.56 (£13.80 excl. VAT)

Sophisticated marine antenna 4-way mount for our GPS antenna and heading sensors.

  • 25mm thread
  • Designed to easily fit onto most surfaces
  • Easy to adjust

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This stylish Marine Antenna 4-way mount fits snugly into our QK-AS14 GPS antenna and both of our GPS + Heading Sensors; the QK-AS07-0183 and QK-AS07-N2K.

With its ability to adjust the position of your device using two different axes, this handy mount can provide a rotation of up to 180º to achieve the perfect location for your antenna.



  • Sturdy, waterproof material
  • Easy to adjust nuts and bolts
  • Screw fitting perfectly designed for the antenna or heading sensor
  • Mounting plate designed to fit flat on most surfaces


What’s included 

1 x marine antenna 4-way mount


Help and Support

For any technical questions regarding this product, you can visit the forum at https://www.quark-elec.com/forum/ and ask us your question,  it’s regularly checked by our technical team and your question may already have been answered there.

Alternatively, contact us directly, with details of your set up and we will be happy to help.

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