Which Navigation APPs should I use ?

A key advantage of having WiFi on your boat as that you will be able to view your AIS, GPS, Wind, depth and other data in Marine APPs via WiFi on tablets, laptops and even mobile phones. You can combine the data from your AIS receiver or multiplexer with existing information on your mobile device. An advanced WiFi multiplexer can even send waypoints and other data from your phone to your autopilot and other devices.

There are many boating apps, designed to achieve specific objectives – we have listed the most popular ones below, and illustrated which hardware application, each APP/software provides.

In addition to providing a WiFi connection, our products also allow for USB connection to laptops. For this reason PC, Mac and Linux compatible Software are included in the table below.

And yes, they will all work with Quark-elec AIS receivers, gateways and multiplexers.

The Best AIS boat APPs

Click on the name for further detail.

The information in this table is correct to the best of our knowledge. If you are aware of a change or addition to the software ranges, do contact us, we will investigate and update the table accordingly.

Name of APPiPhoneAndroidMacPCLinux
Open CPN 
Boat Beacon   
Belfield Chartplotter   
Marine Traffic 
AIS Radar    
Imray Navigator    
COAA Shiplotter  Parallels/Boot CampWine
NMEA remote app    
PCPLOTTER   Parallels/Boot Camp ✅ 
NavigationPLANNER  Parallels/Boot Camp ✅ 


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