Why use a GPS Repeater?

Chart Plotting made easy…

If you want a very simple & convenient way to do chart plotting on your boat then a GPS receiver with an inbuilt repeater could be just for you.

That way you will have accurate ‘up to date’ GPS information, anywhere on your boat.

So, why is GPS so important?

Having GPS on your boat can help save your life, and making sailing a lot easier & more enjoyable.

The advantage of accurate GPS is that it will help you

  • Accurately map your location to avoid underground rocks or reefs.
  • Chart the right course.
  • Calculate your distance from the coast (for example if you want to make sure you have enough fuel).
  • Collect data to your speed/route logging applications if desired.


As you’d expect.

GPS receivers literally receive GPS signals. They triangulate the data from satellites to calculate your exact location on the planet. You then wire your receiver into a chart plotter, laptop, tablet or phone where you can see our location on yoiur chosen mapping software

GPS receivers with ‘repeaters’ will repeat the data through WiFi. So, in addition to being wired in, you have the option to access your data on moveable devices within the repeater’s range (or even further through a WiFi access point if desired.)

Here is a very simple & cost effective way to combine yoiur GPS data with detailed chart plotting – all done in the comfort of your cabin.

All you need are 3 items…

GPS Repeater

1. GPS receiver with ‘repeater’ functionality.

2. Aerial.


The advantage of a GPS receiver / repeater (like our QK-A012) is that (using the GPS satellite network) it will provide you with your boats exact GPS position.

And then relays your GPS position to your mapping device – such as a chartplotter, mobile phone or laptop. (Click Here for more details of the QK-A012 GPS Receiver/Repeater)

Quick & Easy to install all you do is simply connect it to an aerial and a 5V USB power source

3. Chartplotter, Mobile Phone or Laptop

Using the GPS repeater’s WiFi you can then access the GPS data anywhere on your boat and combine this with a nautical map to plot your course.

There are many downloaded charts & apps which you can pre-load on your phone or laptop, and then use to chart your course.

A key advantage of doing it this way (in addition to being very cost effective) is that you can plot your course in the comfort of your cabin or wherever you are most comfortable.

GPS Receiver or AIS GPS Receiver (All have repeaters)?

If you look at our marine electronic products you will see we do both:

  • GPS Receiver with GPS repeater functionality. (For example the QK-A012)
  • AIS and GPS receiver, which combine GPS, AIS and NMEA and repeat via WiFi. (For example the QK-A026)
  • AIS and GPS receiver, which combine GPS, AIS and SeaTalk and repeat via WiFi. (For example the QK-A027)


An integrated GPS & AIS receiver is the better option if you want to know where you are and who is about. On the other hand if you simply want a very easy way to monitor your position, and then access the information (anywhere on your boat) then the standalone GPS repeater might be for you.

For more information visit the Quark-elec marine electronics shop.