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    I had already QK-A032 working with triducer on NMEA2000 network. Now I wanted to connect additional LCJ Capteurs CV7 wind sensor. As it is NMEA0183 and by it’s wiring description I guess it is RS232 I bought QK-AS03 to bridge the connection. I have connected it using diagram from “QK-AS03_application_note.pdf” with additional connection of GND (brown wire). Picture below shows my setup with wire colors:

    Unfortunately it seems to not working – no MVW/XDR sentence is appearing in the network (I’m using wifi connected watcher and still can see triducer sentences). The lowest LED on QK-A032 related to 0183 is not blinking (as the middle one does). I have also tried switching TX/RX connection and NMEA OUT/IN but with no success.

    What LCJ Capteurs says about their product is:

    4 wires:
    – Red: +12 VDC (9-16 VDC, 12mA)
    – Blue: 0V
    – Yellow: NMEA0183® output + (also described as TX+)
    – Green: NMEA0183® output – (also described as RX-)
    NMEA0183® sentences
    IIMWV: Angle, Wind speed and Measurement validity
    WIXDR: Air temperature
    PLCJ: manufacturer’s data
    PLCJE: manufacturer’s data
    Transmission speed: 4800 Bd

    What am I doing wrong? Is there any way I can check if it’s the sensor what is broken or the brigde? Both are new.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi Hellmut
    Based on your diagram, nothing seems to be incorrect. My initial reaction is to try the process and connections without the bridge – check if it works, if not then swap the TX/RX like you did before.
    If that doesn’t resolve your issue it could be a unique sentence/data output issue with the LCJ CV7.
    Let me know how you get along!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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