Excellent news for the A032-S owners…

Quark-elec keep reviewing our logistics and operation process regularly to find ways of improving our products to suit the needs of our customers.

Over the closure period we were looking into the A032 and now have decided to upgrade our A032-S units we currently have in stock to support the AIS function, like the A032-AIS does. As of 11th January 2022 the A032-S has been discontinued and the A032-AIS will be sold as QK-A032.

We also decided to reduce the price of the A032 by approximately 8%, making it even more affordable.

Also, there is some good news for the owners of A032-S gateways, who bought their A032-S after November 2018. These units can be updated with the new firmware supporting the AIS function free of charge.

The new firmware can be downloaded from the Quark-elec website > Downloads > Firmware (link: Firmware). Instructions on how to update the firmware can be found in the product manual (link: QK-A032 product manual).

Please visit the QK-A032 product page for more information about our product.

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