QK-W017 WiFi Control System with Temperature / Humidity Sensors


Designed to monitor & control temperature and humidity across multiple rooms

Ideal for:

  • Offices, Warehouses
  • Gyms, Restaurants
  • Green Houses, Stables, ….


Quick & Easy to set up – Controlled through an APP on your Tablet or Mobile Phone


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How does it work ?

remote temperature sensor

The QK-W017 is a remote humidity and temperature sensor that is quick & easy to set up and lets you….

  • Monitor 5 different locations (up to 50 m away)
  • Control 2 units in each location (i.e. a heater and/or dehumidifier)

Controlled via an APP on your phone or PC.


And ideal for use in : Offices, Warehouses, Gyms, Restaurants, Stables, Garages..

All you do is..

Step 1 – Decide how many rooms..

The W017 is a bit like a ‘router’ where it won’t work on it’s own.

To measure & control temperature and humidity simply place a QK-S001 terminal in each location.

Each terminal can control  2 different outputs (such as a Fan, Heater, Dehumidifier, etc.) in each room. Simply select how many room you would like to control (up to 5)

Step 2 – When delivered

Unpack the boxes and

  • Place the main unit (W017) in a convenient location and connect to a mains power supply.
  • Place one terminal (S001) in each room and connect to a mains power supply


Step 2 – Decide what alarm inputs you would like.

You will have 2 options:

  • Either temperature only
  • Or temperature & humidity


Step 3 – Decide what action you would like.

The W017 is designed to automatically take action to correct a problem.

For example

  • If the temperature gets too high – turning on a fan, or air conditioning unit,
  • Or when too cold – turning on a heater or boiler.
  • Or based on humidity readings – turning on  sprinklers or a dehumidifier


You can also manually override the automated function to control your connected temperature control equipment through the APP.

In addition the unit will automatically send you a text alert.

Step 4 – Connect by WiFi.

The W017 can be connected:

  • Either directly by WiFi to a Tablet or Mobile Phone
  • Or via a router to an onsite PC


All you do is switch on the W017 and then search for it using your Tablet or Mobile.  The same way as you would connect to any other WiFi device.

Using an online APP (PC or Mobile) you will be able to set up the automated actions based on temperature readings & alarm inputs. In addition it will also provide you with temperature data logger. (So you can keep track of temperature from your 3 sensors)

What’s included

  • 1 x QK-W017 remote controller
  • 1 x 12V 1.0A power mains supply
  • CD containing Manuals, Configuration Software, APP and Application



One or more QK-S001s will be also included, depending on how many are selected on the product order.

QK-W017 itself cannot work independently, it should be purchased and operated together with one or more QK-S001s to control and monitor environmental zones.

Help and Support

For any technical questions regarding the remote humidity and  temperature sensor, please go to the forum at https://www.quark-elec.com/forum/ and ask us your question. It’s regularly checked by our technical team and your question may already have been answered there.

Technical Info

Technical Info

Detailed Technical Specifications

  • Control and store heating/cooling settings for up to five individual zones
  • Turn electronic devices ON/OFF from any location via the Internet
  • Monitor environmental temperatures using a mobile phone or tablet
  • Output relays can be triggered manually or tied to specific temperature ranges
  • Standard 802.11b/g/n WiFi, easily connected to an existing wireless Access Point
  • Android and iOS APPs
  • Rapid installation and setup
  • Automotive temperature range (-40°C to +105°C)
  • ± 0.5°C temperature tolerance
  • 1% to 99.9% humidity range with down to 3% tolerance
  • Industrial level design
  • Supports both Ad-hoc and station modes on WiFi
Manual / Drivers

Manual / Drivers

Manual / Setup Guide

Detailed technical specification & ‘step by step’ installation instructions.


APP for Android platform

The Android APP can be downloaded from the following link:


iOS (iPhone) APP

The APP can be downloaded from the Apple Store:

Other Wireless Options

Other Wireless Options

GSM or WiFi ?

Do you need SMS, Temperature sensors, Remote Equipment Controllers, etc. – and not sure which one to use?

Please find below our comparison chart.