Quark-elec 3-axis compass & attitude sensor features NMEA 2000 connectivity now

Quark-elec are proud to introduce a new three-axis compass & attitude sensor, the AS08-N2K. This new marine instrument comes with NMEA 2000 connectivity on top of the features the standard AS08 has to offer.

NMEA 2000 3-axis attitude sensor

NMEA 2000 is a plug-and-play communication standard used for connecting various marine sensors with data display units. This new standard offers higher communication speed than the NMEA 0183 standard and allows devices made by different manufacturers to communicate with each other easily. Because of all the benefits the NMEA 2000 has to offer, it quickly became a very popular standard used by marine instrument and devices manufacturers.

Like the standard AS08, the new AS08-N2K is a compact, high-performance gyro electronic compass and attitude sensor. Comes equipped with an integrated 3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis rate gyro and 3-axis accelerometer. Uses advanced stabilization algorithms to deliver precise, reliable heading and vessel attitude information, including rate of turn, pitch and roll readings in real time.

The AS08-N2K can be connected directly to the NMEA 2000 backbone to share information with chart plotters, autopilots and dedicated instruments via the NMEA 2000 network.  

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