The QK-W017 is a temperature and humidity monitoring WiFi gateway which communicates either directly with your phone or tablet or through an access point (router) to control and oversee up to five independently adjustable environment zones. The main gateway unit works with wirelessly connected terminals to form a versatile device which can be installed with appliances such as domestic freezers, water tanks, refrigerators, industrial chillers, boilers, steamers, warehouse controls, greenhouses, industrial equipment and other systems requiring temperature and humidity control. Operators can check and adjust environmental conditions and control remote equipment, heaters, lights, or machines from anywhere in the world via the Internet, and check conditions in real-time at the click of an icon.

Up to five RF sensor terminals measure temperatures and humidity in different zones and QK-W017 operates the corresponding relays according to the measured temperatures and/or operator commands. QK-W017 can be fitted in any situation where an object or area needs to be heated, cooled, or both in order to maintain the target temperature range (set within the Android/iOS APP).

An integrated WiFi module allows the operator to check the temperature log data and manually switch the relays via a WiFi network or on site.


·Control and store heating/cooling settings for up to five individual zones 

·Turn electronic devices ON/OFF from any location via the Internet

·Monitor environmental temperatures using a mobile phone or tablet

·Output relays can be triggered manually or tied to specific temperature ranges

·Standard 802.11b/g/n WiFi, easily connected to an existing wireless Access Point

·Android and iOS APPs

·Rapid installation and setup

·Automotive temperature range (-40°C to +105°C)

·± 0.5°C temperature tolerance

·1% to 99.9% humidity range with down to 3% tolerance

·Industrial level design

·Supports both Ad-hoc and station modes on WiFi


Packing list

In the package, the customer will receive a QK-W017 remote controller and a 12V 1.0A power mains supply. 1 or more QK-S001s will be also included, depending on how many are selected on the product order.

QK-W017 itself cannot work independently, it should be purchased and operated together with one or more QK-S001s to control and monitor environmental zones.



APPs can be downloaded here.

Application notes can be downloaded here.


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