The QK-W015 series remote controller is a versatile device which can be attached to many electronic devices in the home, office, industrial site or wherever needed. It's your invisible assistant! With QK-W015, you can control any remote equipment, such as heaters, lights, machines, or mains sockets from anywhere in the world through the internet. The QK-W015 supports three relay outs and a 433MHz RF transmitter, which operates the RF main sockets.


--- Turn Electronics ON or OFF from Mobile Phones.

--- Remote Control from anywhere in the world through the internet.

--- Switching Electronics through either Relays or 433MHz RF Power Sockets.

--- Access for up to 5 Mobiles Phones per Unit.

--- Supports both ad-hoc and Station Modes (also called infrastructure mode)

--- Android & iOS App, Windows application.

Function diagram

QK-W015 can be set as ad-hoc mode (no Access Point needed) or Infrastructure mode.

Station(Infrastructure) Mode

Ad-hoc Mode

Interfaces on the module

Mobile phone APP interface

Packing list

In the package, you will receive a QK-W015 remote controller, a 12V 1.0Amp Power supply and three 433MHz RF power sockets. UK, EU or US types of RF power sockets are available, please select the correct item for your location (Power supply type will be same as RF sockets).

UK Type

EU Type

US Type


APPs can be downloaded here.

Application notes can be downloaded here.

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