QK-A031 NMEA 0183 multiplexer enables the connection of multiple NMEA 0183 devices and host devices such as PCs, laptops or tablets. QK-A031 multiplexer has three NMEA 0183 inputs (listener-ports), one SeaTalk1 input, one NMEA 0813 output (talker-port), a WiFi interface and a USB port to connect to  host devices. The multiplexer combines NMEA data that is received on the listener ports and sends this data to a talker port, the WiFi interface and the USB port simultaneously. The USB port is also used for configuration of specific WiFi and NMEA ports settings. 

The built-in SeaTalk1 to NMEA converter translates SeaTalk data into NMEA sentences. This data is then combined with NMEA data received on the other inputs. This allows a SeaTalk instrument to communicate on the NMEA network. Only one SeaTalk input is provided since the SeaTalk bus is a single-cable system that connects all instruments together through one cable. The SeaTalk to NMEA converter in the QK-A031 works in one direction only. NMEA sentences are unable to be converted into SeaTalk, the multiplexer just listens on the SeaTalk bus.

Every NMEA input on the QK-A031 is galvanically isolated (also called opto-isolation). A galvanically isolated input prevents unwanted currents flowing between the instruments and the multiplexer. These currents can damage equipment or interfere with radio signals and should therefore be avoided. 

Working Mode


· Multiplex up to three NMEA 0183 input devices.

· Galvanically isolated NMEA and SeaTalk input ports.

· Configurable baud rates: (4.8, 9.6, 38.4k input and output).

· Differential NMEA output with galvanically isolated protection

· Simultaneous wireless and USB output.

· The internal WiFi access point connects up to 7 devices simultaneously.

· SeaTalk to NMEA 0183 protocol converter

· Wide power supply voltage: DC 9-35 Volts.

Function diagram


Interface on the module


Config tool can be downloaded here.

Application notes can be downloaded here.

Packing list

Quark-elec order number is QK-A031. In the package, you will have: QK-A031 module with enclosure and one USB cable.

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