The QK-G021/022 series remote controller is a versatile device which can be connected to many electronic devices in homes, offices, plant or wherever required. It includes three independent relay switches, two digital alarm inputs and one 433/315 Mhz RF transmitter module. It allows operators to control/monitor remote equipment, machines or mains sockets using SMS (Short Message Service) via the GSM network. Up to 4 mobile phone numbers (SIM card numbers) can be registered with the remote controller. These mobile phones can belong to technicians, engineers or individuals who have a requirement to control and/or monitor corresponding devices.

QK-G022G series controller has a built-in high performances GPS receiver module. This GPS receiver accurately provides position, velocity, and time readings as well possessing high sensitivity and tracking capabilities. The receiver supports 38 channels in search mode and 16 channels 'all-in-view' tracking.


By sending ‘DQGPS’, the registered mobile terminal will receive a web link similar like this:,-0.269798 . This link contains the position information of the QK-G022G. Open the link in any web browser, a Google map with the position icon will be displayed. The following is an example of the page.


· Remote control from mobile phones

· Android and iOS APP interface

· Easy to install and configure (no PC required)

· Up to 4 mobile phones per unit

· Outputs Controlled by SMS Message

· Request status via SMS

· In-built clock for programming the switch state

· Automatically send SMS message after alarm trigger

· 433 Mhz remote control transmitter (up to 4 terminals)

· Waterproof enclosure

· Accepts All Major SIM Cards

· Tri-band GSM for use in Europe & USA

Function diagram

Interface on the module

G022G Module

Mobile phone APP interface

The setup and installation videos of Quark-Elec GSM SMS Remote Controller Kit can be found here:


The APP can be downloaded here.

Application notes can be downloaded here.

Packing list

Quark-elec order number is QK-G022G. The package will contain: QK-G021 module, enclosure, GPS and RF433Mhz antennas.

12VDC power supply is not included.


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