QK-G026 module is an industrial grade product intended to provide remote control of AC motors or any AC powered devices. It allows operators to control remote equipment and machines via a free call through the GSM network. Up to four mobile phone numbers (SIM card numbers) can be registered with the device and these mobile phones can belong to families/ technicians or engineers who have a requirement to control remote devices. Simply dialling from the registered SIM cards will allow barriers/doors to be opened or closed or machines to be turned on or off. There are no call costs since the GSM control module will not answer the call but will immediately take the necessary action after identifying the registered SIM card numbers.


• Control AC motors (forward and reverse) via a toll free call

• Uses caller ID for identification, unknown callers will be ignored

• Dual working modes, namely “Dead Man” and time pulsed

• Alternating or fixed direction setting via SMS

• Easy to install and configure (no PC required)

• Up to 4 Mobile Phones per Unit

• Request Status via SMS

• Compatible with all major GSM SIM networks

• Tri-band GSM for use in Europe & USA

Function diagram

Interface on the module

Input/output connection

Connection details

Packing list

In the package, customer will have a QK-G026 Remote Controller with Closure.


Application notes can be downloaded here.

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