QK-G031 2G Remote Temperature Controller


Designed to monitor & control temperature using your mobile phone

Ideal for:

  • Farms, Green Houses, Irrigation
  • Holiday Homes, Storage, Pools, ….


Designed for areas without WiFi.




How does it work ?

The QK-G031 is a remote temperature controller that is quick & easy to set up containing :

  • 3 temperature sensors
  • 2 Alarm inputs
  • 3 outputs – for fans, motors, etc.


And ideal for use in : Farms, Industrial Buildings, Greenhouses, Holiday Homes. Irrigation, Storage, Pools, Refrigeration..

All you do is..

Step 1 – Unpack the box

Step 2 – Decide on your power source

You can

  • Either use mains power (using an optional adaptor)
  • Or a battery source (i.e. storage batteries, solar, etc.)


The G031 can also be connected to a backup battery so that it can send a text message if the power is interrupted.

Step 3 – Decide what alarm inputs you would like.

The G031 includes 3 waterproof temperature sensors.

But in addition you can also connect 2 other sensors, for example

  • Water leak detector
  • Motion Sensor
  • Light Sensor


Step 4 – Decide what action you would like.

The G031 is designed to automatically take action to correct a problem.

For example by:

  • Turning on a fan, boiler, heater or cooler
  • Switching on a light or closing a gate
  • Opening or closing a window or shutter.


In addition the unit will automatically send you a text alert.

Step 5 – Mobile Phones.

You do not need a PC to install the product and only need a Android GSM mobile phone.

Up to 4 different phones can be connected using a very simple APP.


What’s included 

  • 1 x QK-G031 module with enclosure and three temperature sensors.
  • 1 x CD containing Manuals and App

Please note: 12VDC power mains are not included in the package.


Help and Support

For any technical questions regarding this product, you can visit the forum at https://www.quark-elec.com/forum/ and ask us your question,  it’s regularly checked by our technical team and your question may already have been answered there.

Alternatively, contact us directly, with details of your set up and we will be happy to help.

Technical Info

Technical Info

Detailed Technical Specification

The QK-G031 series remote controller is a versatile device which can be attached to many electronic devices in homes, offices, plant or wherever required. It includes three independent relay switches and two digital alarm inputs. It allows operators to control/monitor remote equipment or machines using SMS (Short Message Service) via the GSM network. Up to 4 mobile phone numbers (SIM card numbers) can be registered with the remote controller. These mobile phones can belong to technicians, engineers or individuals who have a requirement to control and/or monitor corresponding devices.

  • Remote control from mobile phones
  • Remote temperature monitoring and control
  • Android interface
  • Easy to install and configure (no PC required)
  • Up to 4 mobile phones per unit
  • Outputs Controlled by SMS Message
  • Request status via SMS
  • In-built clock for programming the switch state
  • Automatically send SMS message after alarm trigger
  • Compatible with all major SIM networks
  • Tri-band GSM for use in Europe & USA


Interface on the module

Mobile phone APP interface

Manual / Drivers

Manual / Drivers


Setup Guide

QK-G031 Basic Setup Overview.


Manual / Setup Guide

Detailed technical specification & ‘step by step’ installation instructions.


APP for Android platform

Android APP for QK-G031 SMS remote control with temperature sensors.


Other Wireless Options

Other Wireless Options

GSM or WiFi ?

Do you need SMS, Temperature sensors, Remote Equipment Controllers, etc. – and not sure which one to use?

Please find below our comparison chart.