QK-G022P 2G Remote Controller with PIR sensor


Remote monitoring, motion detecting and remote control of your equipment, without WiFi

Ideal for:

  • Homes, Warehouses & Farms,
  • Automated Security Action, (Lights, Automated lock down, etc.)
  • With Mobile Text Alarms & Text Commands, ….



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How does it work ?

PIR with Remote Control

The QK-G022P is PIR with remote control is designed as quick & easy way to set up automated action (without having to use a laptop or PC):

  • 2 alarm imputs (i.e motion sensors, door detector)
  • 3 outputs – i.e. lights on, doors locked, pump, etc.
  • Text alerts to 4 different phones
  • Includes a wireless PIR motion detector.


And ideal for use in : Domestic Homes, Storage. Offices, Farms, Isolated Buildings.

All you do is..

Step 1 – Unpack the box

Step 2 – Decide what alarm inputs you would like.

The G022P includes a wireless PIR motion detector, but in addition you can also connect an additional sensors, for example

  • Door detector
  • Water leak detector
  • Temperature sensor, etc.


Step 3 – Decide what action you would like.

The G022P is designed to automatically take action to correct a problem.

For example by:

  • Locking or unlocking a gate or door.
  • Switching on a fan, boiler, heater or cooler
  • Opening or closing a window or shutter.


In addition the unit will automatically send you a text alert.

Step 4 – Connect by GSM.

The G022P is very easy to install without needing to use a PC or laptop.

Using a very commonly available ‘Pay so you Go’ SIM card you can install the equipment and connect to 4 different phones.

What’s included

  • 1x G022 with enclosure
  • 1x PIR sensor module
  • 1 x (Optional) DC power mains
  • 1 x CD containing Manuals and App

Help and Support

For any technical questions regarding this product, you can visit the forum at https://www.quark-elec.com/forum/ and ask us your question,  it’s regularly checked by our technical team and your question may already have been answered there.

Alternatively, contact us directly, with details of your set up and we will be happy to help.

Technical Info

Technical Info

Detailed Technical Specifications

  • Remote control from mobile phones
  • Android and iOS APP interface
  • Easy to install and configure (no PC required)
  • Up to 4 mobile phones per unit
  • Outputs Controlled by SMS Message
  • Request status via SMS
  • In-built clock for programming the switch state
  • Automatically send SMS message after alarm trigger
  • Wireless passive infrared (PIR) motion detector
  • Accepts All Major SIM Cards
  • Tri-band GSM for use in Europe & USA

Operation specifications

Item Specification
Frequency bands Quad-band: GSM850,EGSM 900,DCS1800,PCS1900.
SMS MT,MO,CB,Test and PDU mode
Operating temperature1 -25°C to +80°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
DC supply 12.0-24.0V(+/-5%)
Average supply current (typical quiescent) 40mA
Maximum supply current(during SMS transceiver activity) 600mA
GSM receive sensitivity -107dBm
GSM transmitting power Class 4(2W) at GSM850,EGSM 900.

Class 1(1W) at DCS1800,PCS1900.

433Mhz transmitting power 1W
433Mhz modulation mode  


RF transmission power  


RF emission distance  

25 to 50 meter (open air distance)

Rated current on relay 7A240VAC
Rated voltage on relay 90V-245V


Manual / Drivers

Manual / Drivers

Setup Guide

QK-G022P Basic Setup Overview.



Detailed technical specification & ‘step by step’ installation instructions.


APP for Android platform

This new version APP support renaming the control terminals. Operators can change the terminals with a meaningful names

The Android APP can be downloaded from the following link:



iOS (iPhone) APP

The APP can be downloaded from the Apple Store:


Video Installation Instructions

Other Wireless Options

Other Wireless Options

GSM or WiFi ?

Do you need SMS, Temperature sensors, Remote Equipment Controllers, etc. – and not sure which one to use?

Please find below our comparison chart.