QK-AT011 AIS Transmission Simulator

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Designed to test the Quark-elec AIS receivers and other AIS products.

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The QK-AT011 AIS Transmission Simulator is designed to test the Quark-elec AIS receiver and other brand AIS products. It will send out a theoretical vessels position together with other AIS related information using an AIS Transmission Simulator. The unit needs a 5V power supply and can be controlled using a PC USB interface. Once the unit has been programmed it can be disconnected from the PC to be used in situ.

It is not allowed to use this unit at Sea. (Transmission range is up to about 100 meters)


  • USB 2.0 powered (5.0V)
  • Working on two AIS frequencies (161.975MHz &162.025MHz)
  • BNC output
  • Configurable location information
  • Configurable transmit message amount and period.
  • Please note, initial configuration may only be performed using a Windows operating system.


Connection Diagram


Config tool can be downloaded here.

Manual can be downloaded here.




1 x QK-AT011 module with enclosure.







Help and Support

For any technical questions regarding this product, you can visit the forum at https://www.quark-elec.com/forum/ and ask us your question,  it’s regularly checked by our technical team and your question may already have been answered there.

Alternatively, contact us directly, with details of your set up and we will be happy to help.

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