It’s Official… Quark-elec and Navionics

Navionics Boating APPs set up to receive AIS and GPS data



Can I connect my WiFi AIS receiver to the Navionics Boating APP?

Yes, Quark-elec AIS, GPS and other WiFi data, has been compatible with Navionics’ boating APP, since the Navionics’ Boating APP update in August 2019 .

However, it’s great to see that it’s now official.

Navionics have tested Quark-elec AIS devices and have added Quark-elec to the official list of compatible AIS receivers, multiplexers and gateways.



‘How do I set up Navionics Boating APP to view Quark-elec WiFi AIS receiver or NMEA 0183, N2k and SeaTalk multiplexer/WiFi gateway data ?’

View straight-forward one-step Navionics’ setup instructions


What is the best WiFi AIS receiver or WiFi multiplexer/gateway to link to my system?

Browse setup diagrams here to find the right marine WiFi gateway for your setup


All Quark-elec WiFi products are compatible with the Navionics Boating APP.

Here are some of the most popular …

WiFi transmitting, GPS and AIS receivers/transponders

WiFi-transmitting, multiplexers and data converters 


All Quark-elec WiFi products include both Ad-hoc WiFi and Station mode WiFi. What does this mean?

Option 1: Without a Router, no internet needed (Ad-hoc mode):

– This is the default setting.

– 4 connections can be active at one time, in the default (TCP) setting.

– The WiFi range will be about 10 meters (line of sight).

– No configuration required. Simply scan for nearby WiFi networks/SSIDs, select your device WiFi SSID and enter the default password.


Option 2: With an Access Point / Router (Station mode):

By connecting your quark-elec device to your network access point or router, your marine data will be available across your whole network.

– Many more connections will likely be possible, depending on the range of your access point.

– The WiFi range will be extended to the range of  WiFi network.

– WiFi data will be accessible at the same time as other network data, without switching between networks.

– Setup through Configuration software (Windows software via USB to PC. Or if using a Mac, a Windows simulation software such as Parallels or Boot Camp can be used)


Or if you specifically need Bi-directional (2-way) WiFi:

With 2 way WiFi, you can both,

  1. view your Marine data on your phone/tablets boating Apps, and
  2. send messages/commands via WiFi from your tablet/device to all devices connected to the Quark-elec WiFi product.

This includes sending waypoints and other commands/alerts, in line with your Apps functionality.

Check out our top Bi-directional multiplexers for  2-way WiFi :



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If you’re not sure which WiFi AIS receiver or WiFi device you need, feel free to contact us with details of your wish list or setup and we’ll be happy to help.



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