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Internet On Board

Internet on boats is an increasingly important consideration for many sailors now. There are many practical reasons why sailors need to access the internet at sea. From accessing navigation and weather reports to staying in touch with friends and family, from maintaining business connections to staying in social media, access to the internet can make many aspects of being out on the open sea much easier.

Quark-elec develops and manufactures 3G/4G products to deliver ultra-fast, reliable, and secure internet connectivity onboard. We, now, are able to offer you three products supporting internet on board solutions.

QK-R041 Marine Wireless 4G LTE Router

‘Provideing an WiFi internet connection on boat via 4G/3G network with just a SIM card.’

The QK-R041 is a marine wireless router designed for permanent installation on boats and yachts. It provides an internet connection for devices connected to it through WiFi and Ethernet cables via 4G/3G network with just a SIM card. It offers the option to surf the internet at high speed, ensuring a stable and fast connection for up to 22 miles away from the coast.

The R041 features two MIMO 4G diversity antennas which ensure excellent mobile network reception and two Omni-WiFi antennas which offer great WiFi signal strength onboard. The QK-R041’s WiFi network is secure, and password protected and allows for up to 32 devices to be connected to the router at the same time. On larger yachts, where a single WiFi access point is not enough to cover all areas, a second R041 or an additional WiFi extender can be connected to the router trough the LAN (RJ45) connection.

  • Industrial design, metal enclosure, with waterproof IP30 rating
  • Automatic detection of cellular networks and 4G/3G/2G mode automatic switching
  • Supports most EMEA & APC countries (US and Australia will be supported soon)
  • Failover between 4G and WAN(Ethernet), ensures automatic switching to alternative backup connection, effectively ensuring uninterrupted data transmission
  • Supports Email/SMS/DO alarm, monitoring the devices on the vessel
  • Serial port supports multiple protocols, including NMEA 0183 and transparent TCP/UDP protocol.

QK-R042 Marine Mobile Phone Signal Booster

‘Greatly improve the 2G/3G/4G reception of onboard mobile devices for up to 15 miles away from the shore.’

A mobile signal booster is a perfect solution to improve cellular signal reception on a boat at sea.

The R042 marine mobile signal booster was designed to provide internet-on-board solution with the latest wireless technology. It works with two antennas: an indoor antenna and an outdoor antenna. The indoor antenna communicates with cellular devices, e.g., mobile phones or tablets. The outdoor antenna communicates with the base station.  It receives signals from the base station and sends them through the cable to the R042, where it gets amplified and re-transmitted by the indoor antenna to the cellular devices. When the indoor antenna picks up signals from the nearby cellular devices, the R042 amplifies these signals and transmits them through the cable to the outdoor antenna and to the base station.

  • Compatible with most of 2G/3G/4G networks in the world
  • Improves mobile devices reception range
  • Maximizes wireless internet speed
  • Enhances mobile phones communication quality
  • Works with all cellular devices: mobile phones, tablet, data cards
  • Features Automatic Gain Control(AGC) to optimize the gain level

Managed Marine Ethernet Switch (QK-R043)

Compatible with most Plug & Play IP cameras, IP sensors, VoIP phones on your boat. Ready to support the next generation NMEA standard, OneNet*’

The R043 comes with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports(RJ45) and two SPF (Small Form-factor Pluggable) optical fibre ports. The Gigabit Ethernet ports make the switch ideal for handling video, voice, environment sensor, and navigation data between devices on board. The Ethernet ports also support PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and can provide up to a total of 196 Watts (8x22W) of power through the Ethernet cable to the connected devices that support this feature – e.g., VoIP phones, wireless access points or surveillance cameras.

The two SFP optical fibre ports offer an interconnecting option by using optical fibre. The optical fibre connection provides higher bandwidth capacity over longer distances.

The hardware of R043 and the latest firmware of it were designed to be able to support the next generation NMEA standard, OneNet*.

Rugged Marine Waterproof Tablet 8 inch Android (AD08)

‘Experience precision navigation, unstoppable processing power, and all-weather reliability all in one rugged tablet with the ultimate marine companion, AD08. Sail smarter and explore the seas with unwavering confidence.’

Prepare to set sail with the AD08, an exceptional 8-inch tablet meticulously designed for the demanding needs of the marine market.

This rugged powerhouse is equipped with a robust 9800mAh lithium battery, a precision magnetic compass and GPS chip with GLONASS GALILEO, an 8core processor, capable of holding up well to several navigation apps running simultaneously, Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G SIM, microSD slot. The opaque anti-reflection screen allows it to be used with gloves on, even when wet, and readable even in full sunlight.

The AD08 features are tailored to enhance your navigation experience, making it an indispensable companion for sailors of all calibres.