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Sail safer, view your marine data on your chartplotter or wireless device. AIS Receivers, Transponders, AIS, GPS and NMEA multiplexers, Seatalk and N2K Converters.

AIS solutions

AIS (Automatic Identification System) enables ships and coastal stations to accurately locate and identify one another. AIS terminals use GPS to provide real-time position and calculate dynamic information such as speed and course. This information is combined with other important navigation data and automatically communicated between nearby AIS equipped vessels without any user interaction.

AIS is an international marine communications standard and was made compulsory throughout the world in 2002 for all passenger ferries and vessels over 300 gross tonnes.

Due to the vast safety benefits offered by AIS and thanks to the affordable prices of the terminals, more and more small yachts/boats have also installed AIS receivers or transponders.

Here at Quark-elec HQ, we have created multiple options for AIS solutions; from our entry level AIS receivers designed for smaller boats, to our commercial units aimed at light commercial boats and frequently used leisure vessels.

Entry level AIS receivers

QK-A026 AIS Receiver with NMEA Multiplexer + WiFi + GPS

‘Portable USB powered for AIS, GPS and individual instrument data on my phone’


If you want to merge AIS, GPS and NMEA data …

  • Combines dual channel AIS data with GPS and NMEA information
  • View navigation data on an NMEA 0183 connected chart plotter or wirelessly from anywhere on your boat using your smartphone, tablet or laptop

QK-A027 Wireless AIS Receiver with GPS + SeaTalk Converter

‘It is great to see the AIS, GPS and ST instrument data on my phone’


If you want to merge Seatalk* with AIS and GPS data…

  • Combines GPS, Seatalk* and dual channel AIS data
  • View data on an NMEA connected chart plotter or wirelessly, anywhere on your boat via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop without the need for a WiFi router

QK-A028 AIS Receiver + NMEA 2000 converter + GPS

‘Plug and play N2K AIS and GPS receiver’


NMEA 2000 AIS receiver with GPS.

Simply connect it to your NMEA 2000 network for the ultimate convenience, no configuration required.

3 simultaneous data output connections:

  • NMEA 2000 network
  • NMEA 0183  output
  • USB output

Commercial level AIS receivers

QK-A026-plus NMEA 2000 AIS Receiver with NMEA Multiplexer + N2K Converter + WiFi + GPS

‘Long range AIS and GPS receiver providing a fully integrated bi-directional data converter which allows your devices to communicate without delay or data lag’


The new A026+ is an incredibly versatile device with outstanding build quality. With countless functions, this multifaceted AIS receiver is a must have for those looking for an easy and reliable WiFi enabled solution to complex marine networks.

  • Integrated AIS and GPS receiver
  • Up to 50 nautical miles receiving range
  • NMEA 2000 connection
  • 1 x 0183 INPUT 1 x 0183 OUTPUT 1 x SeaTalk* Input
  • USB and WiFi connection
  • Fully integrated bi-directional data converter to allow your devices to communicate without delay/or data lag

QK-A027-plus NMEA 2000 AIS Receiver with NMEA Multiplexer + N2K Converter + Ethernet+WiFi + GPS

‘Quark-elec’s first AIS receiver supporting Ethernet output’

The A027+ is a commercial level AIS/GPS receiver with multiple routing functions. Data generated from the built-in AIS and GPS receivers, the NMEA 0183, and Seatalk1 inputs is combined by the multiplexer and can be forwarded to WiFi, Ethernet (RJ45 port), USB, NMEA0183 and N2K outputs.

Whether you are using a tablet, a mobile phone or an onboard computer, you can easily connect the device to your on-board navigation system. The A027+ can also be used as an AIS shore station which can receive and transfer AIS data to a remote server via the internet by government bodies.

It has a greater AIS range of 45nm, similar to the commercial grade A026+, however, as it is a one-way interface, the A027+ is perfect for those wanting the extra AIS range, but do not need the additional features that the A026+ provides. This keeps the A027+ pocket-friendly, while still offering more advanced functions than the entry-level devices.

Class B transponder

QK-A051T WiFi AIS Transponder

‘Class B AIS transponder with built-in GPS receiver and WiFi, allowing AIS and GPS information to be viewed from anywhere on the boat’


Class B AIS Transponder for all boat types.

  • 2 x NMEA outputs for chart plotter(s) or multiplexer(s) of your choice
  • Data output via USB and WiFi
  • Easy setup via USB connection