GPS Repeaters – Advice and information

There are two known issues people have encountered with the NASA GPS Repeater. One of them is the “no GPS position” error which is caused by a lack of RMB 0183 sentences being sent to the GPS repeater. This is normal and is NOT a multiplexer or Quark-elec product issue. The repeater will only display information when a chart plotter sends RMB messages which are automatically sent when a waypoint/route has been activated. This is due to the language parameters of the repeater.

Some people have experienced an intermittent “NO RMB” error when using a multiplexer which is easily fixable using our multiplexer configuration tools. The error is generally caused when the NASA GPS Repeater receives more than one source of GPS information from the multiplexer such as active waypoint information AND GPS receiver data.

This can be easily resolved by making sure only the waypoint data (such as RMB, RMC, APB, XTE) from your navigation software is being directed to the repeater.

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