APP interface improvments

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APP interface improvments

Postby ehcehc » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:33 am

I've just received my QK-G022, and it works as expected.
The APP also works well but, from my point of view, there is room for improvment from usability poit of view. Follow some suggestions.

- The interface should show only the available functions. eg. if there is no radio interface, turning on/off the switches should no be shown. The same for tracking.... This can be set in the configuratuion screen.
Besides, even if the RF switches are not present, the SMS is sent (the APP does not know), and the controller replies that the switch has been operated (??).

- The main panel should show the current status of the relays: When connecting, the APP could request the status, and show it (e.g turning green the text box if ON, or red if OFF) (*)

- When an operation is sent, once the reply is received, the corresponding text box should be updated as above.

(*) given that this is addding an additional cost (two SMS every time you open the app), it could be set as an option.


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Re: APP interface improvments

Postby admin » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:42 pm

Hi eHc,
Thank you for your feedback, we love to hear from people and it really helps us develop our products.
I've looked at your suggestions and we will take them on board, add them to the 'wishlist' and look at whether we can implement some or all of them in our next upgrade. Constructive comments like this drive us to constantly improve our offerings.
I should point out though that as QK-G022 is not a 'Real-Time' Control module the updates to relay status make take a little time so it is unwise to depend 100% on the App to check the relays.
Your point is well made about the opt out though and we will see if we can provide a user selected option for that on the App.
Thanks again for getting in touch,
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