Using standard PIR with G022

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Using standard PIR with G022

Postby captain » Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:45 am

Using the G022 with a PIR. Just thought I would share a solution that I have used several times with alarm systems and access devices where the non alarm state is NC.

The simple way to trigger a alarm function with the G022 is to use INT1 by closing contacts ie taking INT1 to GND. Because most PIRs are NC contacts we need to alter the way they operate. By using a module by Interface solutions the unit ISM12 can be wired up so that it is switched on using the NC contacts of the PIR using the OV side rather than 12V because the ISM12 has 2 x NC and 2 x NO change over contacts these can be wired with OV to the G022 so that when the PIR sensor triggers its NC contacts open thus removing power ie OV rail from the ISM12 Interface and the NO contact will close to trigger INT1 which will send text Port 1 has been triggered by externally.

I have used the above as a stand alone movement detector eternally of a building door that can only be reached after gaining access through a perimeter fence. The building is protected by conventional alarm. The above is for pre-warning of intrusion as the alarm does not send text. I can send msg to the G022 to perform actions to ward off intruders.

Ps if you are competent with electronics it is very simple to use a small relay and a couple of diodes to do the same as above

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