International phone number settings

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International phone number settings

Postby admin » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:21 pm

We recently received a customer's suggestion about the international phone number setting, which we believe its very helpful for other customers. Really thanks for this customer and we will reverse our APP to solve this issue.

I bought two QK-G022 units and had quite a problem getting the correct SIM numbers into our android phones - but after a lot of effort I finally cracked the problem. The main issues are the QK-G022 unit wants different formats of the international phone number settings - dependent on which section you are trying to set up. Also the SMS remote controller software V1.22 does have a problem in that it only allow 11 digits when you actually have to input 13 digits to get it to work.
So my findings are:-
"Set QK controller SIM Number" : This is best using the full international Number - such as in UK : 00447xxxxxxxxx and this definitely works best. If you try +447xxxxxxxxx then it will not work - but I think some operation inputting standard 07xxxxxxxx will work as a single controller but I didn't retest from a second mobile - so this easy option may not work in this case.

"Set Operator SIM number" : ' Register myself as main SIM card ' - This works fine. However, trying to Register 1st, 2nd & 3rd additional SIM card will never work from the control panel, as there is a input digit limit of 11 - but the controller is looking for 13 digits! So the only way to input is by sending an SMS text message. Again the controller is only looking for one format of input and that is: +447xxxxxxxxx If you try 00447xxxxxxxxx then it will not work - or if you try 07xxxxxxxxx then again it will not work.
So to set up an additional SIM - you need to sent the following format SMS text to the controller: BDn+447xxxxxxxxxF and only this format will be accepted by the controller - Nothing else!
To help others get over this issue - I think it would be useful if you could issue guidance - as your statement of different phone number formats are not correctly registered or recognised by the controller was not really much help - however, it did make me think about the wider picture - such as the controller is maybe looking for the full international number - which in fact is the case.
I am guessing at some time in the future - The software " 11 digit limit " on the controller set up - will be resolved and updated to the required 13 digits?
Now I am set up correctly - both controllers can be operated from either phone by SMS commands and both phones receive an SMS in return, to confirm the action has happened.
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