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  • You can monitor the NMEA 0183 data with OpenCPN.

    in reply to: A026 or A024 [SOLVED] #20044

    A024 and A026 was driven by 5V via USB. I think you need a protocol bridge to work with 12V’s NMEA interface.

    in reply to: A032 connecting to Navionics on an iPad—-solved #19903

    Updated from customer: Fixed. Reinstalled the app. Strange thing is that Navionics named it A26 but it works.

    in reply to: A027 with iCom radio—solved #19658

    Hi, As an entry level receiver A027 doesn’t support this function, however with A027+ the Seatalk input data can be disabled so using the internal GPS signal.

    in reply to: EML-2 to A032 connection———-solved #19612

    Firstly, make sure the baud rate of NMEA input for A032 should be set as 4.8kbps, which EML-2 works at this rate.
    Secondly, check your connections as:
    SILVER/NEG —> NMEA input + (grey)
    SILVER/NEG —-> GND(brown)
    BLUE/NMEA —-> NMEA input – (black)

    Apart from swapping two NMEA wires, the GND of A032 should also be connected to Blue/NMEA terminal since EML-2 runs at RS232 protocol.

    in reply to: EML-2 connect to A031, will it work?—-solved #19592

    Can you please make sure the baud rate of A031 has been set to 4.8kbps. Please also check yoru connection as below:
    SILVER/NEG —> NMEA input +
    BLUE/NMEA —-> NMEA input –

    This should work well. You don’t have to get it work with the display connected. Good luck!

    in reply to: QK-A027 Firmware update procedures—solved #19540

    Please email us to get the details. We cannot publish it here. Thans for your understanding.

    in reply to: Free NMEA data viewer,OceanCross #19299

    It crashed when I first attempted to save IP & port for the A027. 2nd time it saved successfully.

    in reply to: lowrance elite plotter—–solved #19245

    Yes, it should work by swapping two NMEA wires:

    +  —> – and – —-> +. Also please make sure the baud rate at each side should be the same.

    in reply to: lowrance elite plotter—–solved #19244

    Yes, it should work by swapping two NMEA wires:

    +  —> – and – —-> +. Also please make sure the baud rate at each side should be the same.

    in reply to: QK-A033 NMEA multiplexer issue——solved #19243

    Hi Alfred, I don’t think you should upgarde the firmware to be V2.0 since your A033 only compatiable with V1.0 firmware.

    At this moment, we haven’t despatched the new hardware version of A033. Please downgrade back to V1.0 firmware and it should work then. More inforamtion can be find out from the download webpage(in the download zip file).


    in reply to: A034 DSC to NMEA2000———Solved #19196

    The latest firmware should have solved this issue now. Thanks for your patience.

    in reply to: QK-A031 – NMEA 0183 to Simrad AC10——-solved #19194

    Hi Johann, Hope the protocol bridge(AS03) will work. If you have your AC10 manual or any related wiring inforamtion please share with us, we can check it for you.

    To connect the A034(the same as all of our WiFi products) to a router via WiFi, the password should withing 8 to 12 characters and allows DHCP protocol. Most of our customers get the stations mode work straightforward, however if you have issue with it please try below:
    1, double check the SSID and password are correct(check there is a extra ‘space’ on your setting?)
    2, try to assign a static IP address to A034.
    3, Use a dedicate SSID for A034(some routher call this as Guest network). For your ZBT-WE1026, we believe it will work by doing this. Good luck.

    in reply to: Connecting QK-A026-plus & QK-AS04 #18831

    Hi Boran, Sorry for the issue. We appreciate your suggestions and now the website have been updated to avoid any confusion. Again sorry for this.

    in reply to: GX2200 with QK-A2K032 #17934

    Hi John, Thank you for the detailed information you provided. Can you firstly check the firmware version of your A032 please since there are two variations of it. Thanks.

    in reply to: A034 NMEA-0183 and NMEA 2000 Data Translation #17709

    Contact us please. We have released Beta version firmware which support above sentences.

    in reply to: Old iPad wifi only #17450

    Yes, It will work with your 3rd gen iPad.

    in reply to: Wiring ST60 Multi to GPSMAP 922 #17212

    Hi Matt,

    Never swap Seatalk wires please! That could damage your devices. Only try to swap NMEA + or – wires please!

    Can you confirm you have setup the proper band rate on A031 please? Alternatively, you can ring us to discuss more details with your system. Thanks.

    in reply to: MacOS (OSX) to configure A031—solved #17211

    Thanks for sharing the information here. I am sure somebody else will find it helpful. Unfortunately, the current configuration tool don’t support MAC now.

    in reply to: A026-plus and Nasa Wind 2.0 #17210

    Hi, Connect your blue wire to NMEA input – and connect NMEA input+ with the black(which should be GND) of your NASA masthead, then it should work. Keep us updated please.

    in reply to: A026 no GPS?—–solved #16818

    Do you think you have disabled GPS by accident? Can you provide a screen cut of your configuration tool so I can check it for you? Thanks.

    in reply to: A034 NMEA-0183 and NMEA 2000 Data Translation #16549

    Hi, Thanks for the comments. AAM,ABM,APB HSC,VDR,DSC,DSE will be supported soon.

    in reply to: Icom 500 to your A034– [SOLVED] #16118

    Thank you for the information.
    After checking ICOM 500 manual, I don’t think NMEA3 provides AIS messages. Can you connect NMEA 2( 7and 8) to NMEA in of A034 please. Swap two wires if positive to positive, negative to negative doesn’t work.

    in reply to: A032 and APB sentence #16043

    Thank you for your patience. This will be supported on our next version of our firmware, which we expect to be released in the next couple of months. On the next version, AAM,ABM,APB,HSC,VDR,THS,DSC,DSE will be supported.

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