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    FAQ: How to connect Navionics on iPad / iPhone to the QK-A024 (WiFi in Ad-hoc mode) to view AIS targets?

    (To view AIS targets in your Navionics Boating application requires a Navionics subscription.)

    The setup steps are the following:

    1.    Set up iPad / iPhone – QK-A024 WiFi connection manually
    Please connect your iPad / iPhone to your QK-A024’s WiFi network (default password is: 88888888). After this, please tap the blue ‘i’ icon next to the WiFi connection to open connection settings. Please tap on the ‘Configure IP – Automatic’ and change it to Manual.

    Please enter IP Address, Subnet Mask and Router settings manually.

    IP Address should be similar to the A024’s IP address, first three numbers should be the same, last number has to be a different number from 1 to 255 (e.g., if the A024’s IP address is, the mobile device’s IP number could be if it’s not used by another device on the A024’s WiFi network). Subnet Mask should be and the Router field should have the A024’s IP address (in this case

    After entering the new IPv4 ADDRESS settings, please tap ‘Save’ and you can return to the home screen.

    2.    Ensure Navionics has access to GPS data
    To display AIS targets, a chart plotter or a chart software, requires valid GPS data. This can come from another device (e.g., a GPS receiver connected to the QK-A024’s NMEA 0183 input or the iPhone’s / iPad’s GPS receiver). In case you want to use the mobile device’s built-in GPS, please ensure, you give Navionics permission to use location information.

    Please go to Settings -> Boating and select either ’While Using the App’ or ‘Always’ in Location settings. While using the application an arrow should appear in the status bar area, showing that the app has access to the mobile device’s location data.

    3.    Enable ‘Local Network’ for the Navionics Boating app
    Please enable the ‘Local Network’ option for the Navionics Boating application. Go to Settings -> Boating on your iPhone / iPad and enable this option. On other devices this option can be accessed by going to Settings -> Privacy -> Local Network and it has to be enabled by tapping the switch next to the Boating application.

    4.    Run Navionics and pair it with your QK-A024
    Please launch the Navionics app on your mobile device and go to Menu -> Paired devices. Your device should appear in the list with the ‘Connected’ status message displayed under it. If not, you can add your device by tapping the ‘+’ sign in the top-right corner.

    Also, if your QK-A024 is already receiving AIS data, the message ‘AIS: Receiving data’ will be displayed under the device name.


    5.    Ensure ‘Display AIS Targets’ option is enabled in Navionics
    Please go to Menu -> Map options -> scroll down to AIS settings and check whether the ‘Display AIS Targets’ option is enabled or not. Please enable this option to ensure AIS targets (if available) are displayed on the map in Navionics.


    FAQ: My iPhone / iPad is connected to the A024 via WiFi, but the Boating app displays that the A024 is disconnected (in Menu > Paired devices). Why?


    One of the possible causes is that there are no vessels transmitting AIS information nearby. If the Navionics app is not receiving AIS data from the A024 for a while(about 10 seconds according to our experience), it will display the ‘Disconnected’ status message. As soon as the A024 starts receiving AIS information, the ‘Connected’ status message will be displayed under the device name.

    Also, the AIS data flow can be monitored using a network utility application (e.g., UDP / TCP / REST Network Utility(this can be download from Apple store)). By simply entering the A024’s IP address (default IP address is, port number (default port number is 2000) and clicking ‘Connect’, the application will start monitoring the data and you should be able to see the AIS NMEA 0183 sentences transmitted by the A024. Please see the screenshot below for details:

    By using this or a similar application, it can be confirmed whether the A024 is receiving and forwarding AIS data to the iPhone / iPad or not.

    Also, these steps will work in case of using other AIS receivers or multiplexer which support WiFi connections.

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