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    Hi i have problem with AIS
    Is everything correct connection to my chartplotter raymarine axiom 9. I see and another people see me BUT:
    – My boat name is LED ZEPPELIN
    i try put Led Zeppelin, LED ZEPPELIN, LedZeppelin, ledzeppelin and many more And i see in marine traffic just LED in Vessel finder is LEDEPPELIN.
    In my neighbour i see LED@EPPELIN. I TRY making diferent keyboard US and UK. I try copy name – still dont work.
    If i put space betwen LED ZEPPELIN in vessel finder&marinetraffic is just ”L”

    Another problem is when my neighbour turn on his AIS in few minuts he is on marinne traffic automatic but my last possition is 5 days ego and i have turn on for few hours.
    Tell me is problem with your tool? maby is damaged. becouse i really not happy with it.


    Hi Foresail,

    I think this issue has been addressed by your place of purchase so i will close the thread.

    Thank you for using the forums.

    Tech Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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