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    I’m struggling to connect GPS output to my iCom radio. I’ve changed the NMEA baud rate to 4800 (to match the radio) and I’ve tried reversing the NMEA +/- leads as I’ve seen some folks had to do.

    I’ve looked again at the manual and it appears that you only get GPS output on the NMEA0183 if you connect a GPS to the A027. Is there no way for the A027 to use the GPS data on the SeaTalk network?  It seems silly to add another GPS receiver if I already have that info on the SeaTalk network.

    Is there a different model which does this or is there a firmware upgrade to add this functionality?




    Hi Brian,

    The A027 will only convert the supported datagrams from SeaTalk to NMEA 0183. Some datagrams will not be directly converted to an NMEA 0183 sentence, these are only combined with other data to create other NMEA 0183 sentences. The list with the supported datagrams can be found in the user manual. Unfortunately, the GPS data from Seatalk bus is not fully supported.


    Is there an option for an AIS receiver/multiplexer that can use the SeaTalk GPS data instead of adding another GPS? It just seems a little silly to add another GPS when the data is already there.


    Hi, As an entry level receiver A027 doesn’t support this function, however with A027+ the Seatalk input data can be disabled so using the internal GPS signal.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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