Firmware upgrade: A034 Bi-directional NMEA 2000<--> WiFi/USB Gateway

We are pleased to announce …

The already popular, A034 NMEA 2000 has a major firmware update.

From firmware version A034_V1.10.200606_34B8 onwards, the A034 NMEA 2000 Multiplexer and Gateway,  now supports;

  • 2-way WiFi
  • 2-way USB
  • Additional Data Filtering and Routing options

The A034 now boasts the following connections:

INPUTS (listener ports)OUTPUTS (talker ports)INPUTS (listener ports)OUTPUTS (talker ports)
NMEA 2000NMEA 2000NMEA 2000NMEA 2000
3 x NMEA 01833 x NMEA 0183NMEA 0183

The A034 is extremely flexible and can be used in many ways, depending on your connecting devices.

Here is an example of an A034 setup.

Do you have the latest firmware version?

You can easily upgrade your A034 via the USB connection.

Your firmware version can be checked in the bottom row of the Configuration software.

Download the latest Firmware version.

Download the New Configuration software from the ‘Manual/Downloads’ tab here.

View firmware upgrading instruction in the manual. (A034 firmware updates are easily installed via USB. )

Find out more on the A034 product page.

QK-A034 Bi-directional NMEA 2000 to WIFI and USB Multiplexer with NMEA 0183 and SeaTalk input options

If you are not sure:

  • How to best merge your marine data systems?
  • How to access your marine data on WiFi or USB Apps?
  • What is the best marine multiplexer or gateway for your set up?

Contact us with details of your setup or goal and we will be happy to help.

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