The QK-A026 Wireless AIS + GPS ReceiverQK-A026 Wireless AIS+GPS Receiver

Welcome to our articles and information on the dual channel, wireless AIS + GPS receiver.

The dual channel AIS receiver & multiplexer combines AIS, GPS with NMEA and can be used wireless or through the USB or through the USB or NMEA ports

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Or for advice on our wireless AIS + GPS receiver with NMEA output simply read the articles below.

Customer Video of QK-A026 set-up

Jim Ferguson aboard the Mischief Managed recently purchased a QK-A026. He made a YouTube Video Guide to setting it up and had some really nice things to say about it: After I bought this I had really high hopes for it.  As it turns out my hopes have been mostly realized.  I can connect iNavX on my […]

Another great Tindie Review see what Glen said about QK-A026

There is nothing like a good review to kick off the week and Glen Swanson of Denmark has written a cracking review of the QK-A026 that he bought from us through Tindie. You can see more details on the QK-A026 here on the blog and on our main website and buy it from our […]

New Review for QK-A021 from Netherlands

We’ve had lovely review from another happy customer in The Netherlands, it also features quite comprehensive instructions so if you read Dutch, check it out! The screen shots are easy to follow and in Chrome there is a ‘Translate this page button’which helps a lot. Nicely done and thank you Pino 🙂 The original post […]