Boat electronics for Beginners

So what is AIS, NMEA, Seatalk, Gamin ?…Boat Electronics for Beginners

All the terms & abbreviations can seem very confusing.

But if you are looking to get some electronics for your boat – for example you want to get your first AIS receiver, or are thinking about upgrading and want to know what to get.

Then let us help you ‘step by step’

Our boat electronics for beginners articles & guides are designed to provide you with advice.

Prefer one to one advice ?

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1. Simple Guide to AIS receiversB

There are 3 different types (Class A, B and C) and our guide will show you what you need & when.

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2. Choosing the right AIS receiver

We have a variety of different AIS receivers, each one designed for a specific purposes.

Our quick table will show you the difference..

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3. Single or Dual Channel receiver ?

When you have a look at AIS receivers you might notice the difference between a single (often cheaper) and dual channel receiver.

If you do go for a single one – find out why auto-hopping is such a key element.

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