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Quark-elec release two types of RF 433Mhz remote controller module

QK-R021/022 series remote controller is an easily installed device which can control electric doors, curtains/blinds, and other DC motor driven devices in smart houses, for industrial controls, and for the security of industrial areas. The doors can be operated by the supplied remote control, which also signals the DC motor driven device to turn on or off on demand.
More information about the product can be found here.

Take just one minute to get to know the Quark-elec GSM/WiFi Remote Controller

This is a quick note for Electronics engineers to get to know Quark-elec GSM/WiFi Remote Control products in just one minute.

—QK-G021 Series GSM Remote Controllers
—QK-W015 Series WiFi Remote Controllers
—QK-G025 GSM Remote Controllers(DC Motor Dialer)
Know Quark-elec GSM/WiFi Remote Control in one minute

Quark-eleck QK-G025 GSM Remote Control(DC Motor Dialler) Released


QK-G025 module is an industrial grade product intended to provide remote control of DC motors or any DC powered devices. It allows operators to control remote equipment and machinery by free calls through the GSM network. Up to four mobile phone numbers (SIM card numbers) can be registered with it. These mobile phones can belong to families/ technicians or engineers who have a requirement to control corresponding devices. Just dial from the registered SIM cards then the barriers or doors will be opened/closed, or the machine will be turned on/off. There are no call costs since this GSM control module will not answer the call and it will immediately take action after identifying the registered SIM card numbers.


— Four control mobile phones. One main control terminal and up to 3 additional control terminals can be registered with QK-G025.

— Two digital alarm inputs. Various sensors can be monitored, e.g., photocell receiver, obstacle detector, position sensitive detector, motion sensor, temperature/wind detector, carbon dioxide detector, water leak detector.

— The DC motor output can be set as Dead Man mode (action during dialing period) or Pulsed Time mode (action time is set as a fixed time).

— The DC motor output can be fixed polarity or alternating (polarity changed alternatively).

— Prevent SIM being turned off by provider by sending status SMSĀ at set intervals (between 28 to 99 days).