Off-grid set up with QK-G022 – Customer review.

One of our customers has set up the QK-G022G to monitor water levels in their water supply tanks and uploaded a video on YouTube showing the set-up. It’s all solar powered which is fantastic.  We are taking on board his suggestions for improvement, as you know, we are very customer led so if you have a suggestion, be sure to drop us an email on

New Quick Start Guides

When our customers talk, we like to listen, so when a few people pointed out that our Application Notes (User Manuals) were a bit long, we saw it as an opportunity to create a much shorter version.  We all know what it’s like, you’ve bought something new and you’re excited and you just want to get out there and use it, the last thing you want is to read a book first!

So, allow me to introduce our Quick Start Guides – fresh off the press, we’ve managed to get all of the most important points into a few sides in a much clearer format.

We hope that they will be much easier to follow in the field, or on the sofa! You can find them here:

QK-A021  QK-A022  QK-A023  QK-A024  QK-A026  QK-A031

Photo credit D Olah on Unsplash

New Offer for the Winter Quarter!

Just what you need to get over the last of the Winter blues – the promise of Spring and the chance of a £50 voucher to spend on whatever you like in the Quark-elec Online Mall! Like us on Facebook before 30th March to be in with a chance of winning!

Station Mode now Standard on all four of our top selling models

Now on QK-A024, QK-A026, QK-A027 and QK-A031.

As we upgrade and develop our products we like to add things which our custiomers will find useful.  As a result we can now announce that all units of the following models will now come with Station Mode facility as well as Ad Hoc on 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.

This means that you can network your AIS receiver through a router and communicate with it over the internet as well as directly. Instructions on how to set this up using the Quark-elec Configuration GUI are available for download on the Quark-elec website here:

Available now QK-A024, QK-A026, QK-A027 and QK-A031 with Station Mode.


Latest field test of Patented Auto-hopping Algorithm

Latest field test of Patented Autohopping Algorithm


Quark-elec  AIS Receivers QK-A021 and A023 feature our Patented Auto-hopping algorithm. The facility to select operator set intervals  for auto-hopping is newly available and will be supported  in the  A021 V2.0 (to be released in Jan 2018) and the A023 (from Dec 2017).

An integral part of inventing and developing sophisticated algorithms is the field testing process, which is why we could be found in Dover on a sleety and freezing December day collecting data and crunching numbers for the newest upgrade to our algorithm.

The main issue with auto-hopping is that the switch between frequencies can mean that messages are dropped, and quite often, multi-part messages are not received in their entirety. Quark-elec’s new upgrade now allows you to set the switching interval so that you can choose to slow down the switching rate or let the algorithm do what it does best.


Dover messages received
Messages received VS mins
5mins 10mins 15mins 30mins
Auto-hopping 482 912 1574 2956
0.25s 435 878 1487 2894
1s 456 853 1543 2913
30s 473 845 1567 2884
Vessel numbers vs mins
1min 2mins 3mins 4mins 5mins
Auto-hopping 13 20 24 31 34
0.25s 9 19 24 30 32
1s 11 20 23 28 33
30s 10 18 21 28 32


As you can see from the chart, our numbers suggest that the Auto-hopping algorithm is usually the optimum choice.  It consistently picks up more than 2% more messages and is significantly faster at acquiring targets than the user set intervals.  That being said, the 1s delay is the optimium choice for picking up multi-part messages, such as ship names and numbers as the longer interval allows longer transmissions to be received in one interval, and 30s may enable better acquisition in isolated environments.  Over longer  times, signal acquisition becomes more homogenous over all intervals, but those initial minutes may be crucial in a crowded seaway.

Weather on Day of Testing


Using QK-G021 – A guest blog from Italy by A. Millozzi

It’s always great to see people all over the world finding novel uses for our products.  Here’s one from Italy from the Andrea Millozzi Tech blog.  It’s in Italian but if you hit the Google Translate button, it does a pretty good job.

SIM card for burglar alarm-domotics, GSM remote control to operate devices with SMS text messages and advice for purchases to make good deals

The post was written in 2016 so the relative prices are a little out of date, there are many more choices of SIM tariffs to choose from now, and of course they only apply in Italy!

Updated AIS Receiver Quick Reference Chart

We have introduced two new products since the last Quick Reference chart was posted – QK-A031 Multiplexer, which has proved very popular and the newly released QK-A027 SeaTalk Converting AIS Receiver with GPS and WiFi.


Season’s Greetings from Quark – 10% discount til 7th Jan 2018!

New AIS Receiver QK-A027 with SeaTalk* Converter

Release date 31st October

QK-A027 AIS Receiver

with GPS, WiFi, NMEA out and SeaTalk Input


Released on October 31st, a new addition to the Marine Electronics Family.

Building on the success of the previous models our new AIS Receiver adds SeaTalk capability to the already impressive suite of input options on the QK-A026 and is powered from the SeaTalk bus to provide a cleaner signal which will improve range and sensitivity.

Another innovation is simultaneous WiFi, NMEA and USB output. Considerably improving on versatility and flexibility.

The integral WiFi can connect up to seven devices.

All this functionality comes in our trademark compact aluminium enclosure with the usual 1 year guarantee.

Full specification and instruction documents are on the website now and for further information please email me,

* SeaTalkTM is the proprietary protocol used by Raymarine Marine Electronics

Another super review for QK-A026

A great review from Erkki on Tindie

Very, very good all in one GPS + AIS receiver!

This little box contains all you can wish for, real dual channel AIS receiver,
a really good GPS receiver, all sorts of connectivity, from old school RS232
to USB and WIFI !
So you can connect it to everything very easily.
Power is easy just connect it to a USB port and all the fun wakes up very fast.
And all this for a very good price !
I will prolly order one extra as backup :-)If you are even remotely interested in AIS and /or GPS, get one !
it doesn’t get easier or cheaper than this.

Thanks Erkki! We’re very glad you like it!