A015-TX Active AIS-VHF Antenna Splitter(for AIS transponders)

We are excited to announce the launce of our latest VHF antenna splitter A015-TX.

The A015-TX, Active AIS-VHF antenna splitter:

  • Allows one VHF antenna to be shared between VHF and AIS devices:
    • VHF radio (reception and transmission)
    • AIS transponder(Reception and transmission)
    • AM/FM radio (reception)

The A015-TX is an active VHF antenna splitter. This means that unlike many splitters that cause reception and transmission signal loss, active splitters actually provide a signal gain. The A015-TX’s built-in pre-amplifier amplifies the AIS, VHF, AM/FM signals, thereby increasing the VHF radio and AIS transponder reception and sensitivity.

The A015-TX key features include:

  • Built-in preamplifier providing AIS signal Gain (typically 12dB) maximizes AIS reception and range
  • VHF fail-safe functionality to continue transmitting VHF radio even if the power to the splitter fails
  • Straight forward connection (no configuration required)
  • Low power consumption.

The A015-TX has five connections:

  • Power cable: connect to 12V-24V DC power
  • VHF Antenna: SO239 connector for VHF antenna
  • VHF radio: SO239 connector for VHF radio
  • AIS: SO239 connector for AIS transponder
  • FM/AM: BNC connector for the output of the FM/AM radio signal
AIS antenna splitter for AIS transponder

Find out more on the  A015-TX product page.

Please note: The A015-TX is compatible with AIS transponders/transceivers. While it can also be used with AIS receivers, if you require an AIS ‘receive only’ splitter the A015-RX is sufficient.

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