Standard Horizon AIS output how to connect to Belfield Chart

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Standard Horizon AIS output how to connect to Belfield Chart

Postby Hedda » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:08 pm

I have a Standard Horizon GG2200E VHF with AIS output and run Belfield Chartplotter software on a Linx 10 tablet running Windows 10. I've tried connecting the VHF AIS output to the tablet via the USB socket but can't get AIS data to display on the Belfield software although the tablet recognises that a device is attached to the usb port. When I look at Device Manager it recognises both the connection of the usb GPS dongle which works fine but shows the connection from the VHF as an "unrecognised usb device" and Windows searches for but can't find a driver. The AIS output on the VHF screen however works fine whether or not the tablet and radio are connected or not. Belfield software can't understand why as they are able to connect your AIS engines either by usb or WiFi without any troble. I've raised the problem with "Support" at Standard Horizon who simply automatically acknowledge receipt of emails but then don't respond to the question asked.

I've checked the usb output from the VHF's inbuilt AIS and get fluctuating readings betwee O and 5 volts so I assume the VHF is outputting the NMEA 0183 data.

My question is will connecting the VHF / AIS output to the QK-AO31 enable me to get the data into the Belfield software wirelessly and thus get the appropriate display on screen?
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Re: Standard Horizon AIS output how to connect to Belfield C

Postby admin » Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:36 pm

Can you please provide the details about your connection via the USB socket to the computer, images maybe? You should be able to get it works with your Windows computer without A031. The following link maybe helpful for you.
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