Quark-Elec AIS receiver review and Boat Beacon

Hot off the presses at Pocket Mariner a fantastic new review of our receiver working with their software.  They compared it with some other top sellers and their conclusion was:


If you are on a small boat and your AIS aerial is at most 10m above sea level the VHF ship spotting horizon range will be about 12NM (see note at end on calculating VHF horizon range). The Quark easily met that target for spotting ships.

Read the whole review at pocketmariner.com

Customer Video of QK-A026 set-up

Jim Ferguson aboard the Mischief Managed recently purchased a QK-A026.

He made a YouTube Video Guide to setting it up and had some really nice things to say about it:

After I bought this I had really high hopes for it.  As it turns out my hopes have been mostly realized.  I can connect iNavX on my iPad and MacENC on my Macintosh computer wirelessly and receive GPS and AIS data while the A026 is happily providing AIS target data to my Garmin GPSMap 3206 chart plotter.  Anyway, I am ecstatic with the way this has worked out. 

Another great Tindie Review see what Glen said about QK-A026

There is nothing like a good review to kick off the week and Glen Swanson of Denmark has written a cracking review of the QK-A026 that he bought from us through Tindie.


You can see more details on the QK-A026 here on the blog and on our main website and buy it from our Online Mall

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QK-G021 provides remote control solution for AC motors

QK-G021 support remote control on AC motors


AC motors are widely used and a vital controlling device in the field of industrial automation. Most manufacturing industries, continuous production units, chemical industries, textile mills, agricultural devices, pharmaceutical industries are now equipped with various AC motors.  The QK-G021 is a core unit to provide a motor control solution allowing for the operation of the AC motor either manually, remotely or automatically.
The QK-G021 has three independent relays, two with timers which can be set for on/off time. Two digital alarm inputs can be connected with various sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, weight, humidity, ingredients, position, light levels, etc. Relays will take action and send out an alarm message (SMS) when the sensors are triggered. Up to 4 authorized operators can control and monitor the AC motor working conditions remotely.

Dual Channel Marine AIS receiver released (QK-A022)

QK-A022 is a low cost marine AIS dual channel receiver that puts AIS technology within the reach of even those on a very limited budget.
QK-A022 Marine AIS dual channel receiver USB output

Two AIS receivers monitoring both AIS channels (161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz) and decoding both channels simultaneously

  • Sensitivity down to -107 dBm@30% PER
  • Up to 55 nautical miles receiving range
  • USB 2.0 powered (<26mA@ 5.0V)
  • 38400 bps baud serial over USB
  • Message output in industry NMEA-0183 format
  • Supports interworking with NMEA-0183 GPS receiver
  • SMA connector for a 50 Ohm VHF antenna
  • SMA to BNC coaxial adaptor included
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC systems
  • Plug & play connectivity with chart plotters and PCs

More details about Quark-elec Dual channel AIS receiver can be found:

Quark-elec QK-A022 AIS receiver