QK-W016 Introduction and Set Up – New Video on YouTube

This new video gives a guided tour of the Quark-elec QK-W016 Remote Control Temperature Data Logger and runs through resetting the module and setting up in Station Mode. The new video goes through the processes step-by-step and includes a software view with a hardware view so that you can see exactly how the unit responds to setting up and use. For those that are interested, the music is Orlando Gibbon’s Fantasia and is played by Jon Sayles.

Quark-elec release new WiFi Temperature logger and remote controller(QK-W016)

Quark-elec release a new WiFi Temperature logger and remote controller, QK-W016.
QK-W016 series WiFi temperature monitoring remote controller is a versatile device which can be attached to domestic freezers, water tanks, refrigerators, industrial chillers, boilers, steamers, warehouses, greenhouses, industrial equipment and other temperature-control systems.
Three wired thermistor sensors measure temperature in different zones. QK-W016 energizes the corresponding relays according to the measured temperatures. QK-W016 can be fitted in any situation where an object is required to be heated, cooled or both to remain at the target temperature range (set by PC application).
An integrated WiFi module allows operator could check the temperature log data, manually switch the relays across the existing WiFi network.
QK-W016 also has an optional RF 433Mhz module which allows the operator to operate RF main sockets within 50 meters range.

Take just one minute to get to know the Quark-elec GSM/WiFi Remote Controller

This is a quick note for Electronics engineers to get to know Quark-elec GSM/WiFi Remote Control products in just one minute.

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QK-W015 WiFi Remote Controller released

QK-W015, your invisible extended body, which can help you to control any remote equipment from anywhere in the world through the internet has been released now. This new version of our product is based on TCP/IP and it supports three relay outputs and a 433MHz RF transmitter. More information can be found from the following link as can our other items.